Double side Entry lobster pots now available

We are now selling superb quality double side entry parlour lobster pots. 10 mm steel bar frame with 16 mm bar bottom cold galvanised and epoxy painted, fully netted and bottom wound with protective rubber. Integral bait basket and end hooked door. 24″ x 16″ x 14″ and weighing approximately 18 kilos. Now available ex stock from £46 ex VAT, depending on quantity purchased.

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What’s a lobster pot?

Excerpt from Wikipedia

A lobster trap or lobster pot is a portable trap that traps lobsters or crayfish and is used in lobster fishing. In Scotland (chiefly in the north), the word creel is used to refer to a device used to catch lobsters and other crustaceans. A lobster trap can hold several lobsters. Lobster traps can be constructed of wire and wood, or metal and netting or rigid plastic. An opening permits the lobster to enter a tunnel of netting or other one way device. Pots are sometimes constructed in two parts, called the “chamber” or “kitchen”, where there is bait, and exits into the “parlour”, where it is trapped from escape. Lobster pots are usually dropped to the sea floor about a dozen at a time, and are marked by a buoy so they can be picked up later